Rag mama rag.

Amazing – it’s been reported they created a new remix from the original master tape! I wonder how they managed that considering the master is lost and it’d be a miracle to do a remix from a master tape…

Some things take time.

Six years passes by in what seems like an instant. I remember it like it was yesterday: Kathy Howat urging me to take the Hockey Trainers Certification Program. She believed in me. Or, more likely, Cam and JZ just turned her down flat. Whatever. Well the the fruits of my labour, after years of intensive study, are now available for all the world to see! Thank you, Kathy.

Neal Casal talks and sings Ship of Fools.

It was our first Grateful Dead record too – my brother and me. It was in the bin with deleted stuff – LP’s with a hole punched in them – the knock out bin – along with Ian Hunter’s Overnight Angels. We bought that too but were already into Mott The Hoople.